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County meal delivery program closed for second consecutive day

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - For the fourth time this month, some of the most vulnerable in our community are going without a hot meal delivery.

The La Crosse County Aging Unit cancelled its senior meal delivery program for the second straight day Tuesday as a result of the cold. The program doesn't run on weekends, making Tuesday potentially the fourth day a senior citizen receiving the meals didn't get fed.

"That makes me a little more nervous than if it were in the middle of the week, because then they didn't get a meal delivered Saturday or Sunday, and then Monday and Tuesday means four days," said director Noreen Holmes.

According to Holmes, the program will never let anyone go without eating – employees called friends and family members of seniors to ensure everyone was getting fed. In emergencies, Holmes herself would deliver a meal to those who need it.

"Some people don't have families or they're far away, so we have to know that's a possibility," she said.

The Aging Unit decides when to cancel its meal delivery program by following the La Crosse School District's example - every day school is cancelled in the city, so are the delivery routes.

Holmes said she's uncomfortable with allowing the seniors to go five days without a meal - so whether or not the weather cooperates tomorrow, someone will be delivering those dinners.

Program directors say with this frigid weather, it's important to show some of that Wisconsin neighborliness, and check up on your elderly friend who lives next door. Check to make sure they're staying warm and have something to eat during this cold week.


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