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Correction: Community Credit Union

Correction: Community Credit Union

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - We have a clarification and a correction on a story News 8 reported Tuesday.              

Information reported Tuesday night and Wednesday morning incorrectly stated that Community Credit Union is contacting *all* of its members and automatically closing debit and credit cards in response to recent data breaches at national merchants.            

In fact, Community Credit Union is contacting only those members whose account activity fits parameters that may indicate a potential for fraud to discuss their options to safeguard their accounts.           

Only a small number of Credit Union members are potentially affected. And Community Credit Union tells us it will be contacting those people personally via a phone call.

More information from Community Credit Union:

Community Credit Union is working proactively to protect its members from potential fraud before it happens. Consumers can help to minimize their own exposure by closely monitoring their debit and credit transactions via online banking and their account statements and immediately reporting any suspicious transactions to the Credit Union.

Additional safeguard information can be found on the Community Credit Union website:
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