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Community Flu Clinic gives vaccines, serves as mass dispensing exercise

ONALASKA, WI - Area residents aren't taking any chances this flu season.

Families were vaccinated for the virus today at La Crosse County Health Department's annual Community Flu Clinic at Onalaska high school.   

The vaccines work to not only prevent you from sickness but also the spread of the virus to others.

Organizers use the clinic as a training exercise for the department, testing how they would respond if an outbreak happened in the area.

"If we had to immunize all residents in La Crosse county in, like, a 48 hour period, we need to have a plan and exercise that to make sure we can do that. What a great way to exercise that with a community flu clinic," said La Crosse County Health Department public health nurse Sara Spah.

The health department recommends anyone 6 months and older receive the vaccine.


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