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Cold Winter will lead to more ice jams

Cold Winter will lead to more ice jams

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The cold this Winter is increasing the chances of potentially damaging ice jams this Spring.

The National Weather Service says there has been more ice build up on the river than in year's past, and the ice has been thicker.  As we warm up this Spring, that ice will break up into large chunks and move down stream.

Some of that ice will get hung up on things like bridges and streams, causing ice jams.  It can happen anywhere on the river, but there are certain areas where it is more likely.  "We have seen ice jams in the Root River fairly often from Hokah down stream through about where the Highway 26 bridge is there's been quite a number of ice jams over the years there," says Mike Welvaert from the NWS, "we've seen some up around Kellogg, MN, we've seen some on the Black River up around the Hatfield area, there's been a number of them around the region."

If you see an ice jam that is causing flooding, you should contact local law enforcement or the national weather service.

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