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Cold weather ups business for travel companies

LA CROSSE, WI (WKBT) - The unusually cold winter is having a positive impact for area travel companies.

They're reporting an increase in people looking to take a vacation down south in the past few months. They attribute that increase to the record-setting low temperatures the Midwest is seeing. Travel agents say more people are heading toward warmer climates to escape Wisconsin's arctic cold.

 "This time of year, we normally do get that big uptick, just because of the weather that we are dealing with," said Dave Friedman, president of Hobbit Travel. "I have though seen an awful lot of people that have come in with that, 'You got to get me out of here, I've had it' [feeling]. You know that sense of frustration on their minds."

The phrase "warm weather vacation" was searched on Google more than twice as often in the first seven days of January than it was in the entire month in 2013.


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