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Children's Museum Celebrates 15th Birthday

Children's Museum Celebrates 15th Birthday

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - La Crosse's Children's Museum celebrated its 15th birthday Saturday.

Kids celebrated with the museum by joining in on live music, a balloon drop and other activities.  Over the past several years, the museum has served families, school groups and day care centers, more than 70,000 people overall. The tried and true exhibits like the fire truck, climbing wall and shadow room continue to be the most popular, though the museum is planning some new changes soon.

"We have some big ideas now," said Anne Snow, the museum's executive director. "We're really solid, and we're thinking maybe of doing our own travel exhibit that we could send out to other museums, and then create an earned income source that way. We're also thinking about doing a rooftop space on our second floor."

The museum is also making improvements to the Mississippi River area this coming year. Other renovations are also planned for other parts of the museum.

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