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Central H.S. students show school spirit with lip dub video

LA CROSSE, Wis. - Central students show off what the school has to offer with a video they hope goes viral.

Students packed the auditorium Wednesday to see the final product of a school-wide lip dub. It features students walking around, lip synching, passing a number of clubs and organizations throughout the building.

They filmed it about a month ago and did it in only three takes.

Students involved say it was a great opportunity to show their school pride. "This was a really fun time to come together as a school, and the energy was really great in the film and also in the auditorium," said senior Hannah Fernandes.


"I really liked watching everyone like all of my friends and seeing what everyone is going on in the school, like seeing all the clubs and sports, some things you just don't even realize is happening here," said senior Aron Klos.

The full video is on YouTube.  Just search for La Crosse Central Lip Dub.

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