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Cellphone ban in construction zones starts Saturday

Cellphone ban in construction zones starts Saturday

MADISON, Wis. - A new law will make talking on a cellphone in construction zones illegal starting Saturday.

Law enforcement officials hope the law will keep drivers more focused, leading to fewer car crashes.

"You kind of know when a person is on their phone -- they start swerving. It's really dangerous," Mary Thao said.

Once the law goes into effect, everyone on a phone in a construction zone will get a $40 fine. Do it again and it jumps to $100.

"Definitely gives us another tool on our belt to enforce these laws and make the roads safer," Trooper Matt Ackley said.

"I think it's going to help a lot of people and the community," Thao said.

The new law is an effort to reduce distracted driving in the most dangerous areas of the road. Wisconsin sees an average of 2,000 construction zone crashes each year.

"You don't want to crash into another vehicle. You also don't want to crash into a construction worker or construction vehicle that might be on the side of the road," Thao said.

"Think about construction workers; they want to go back home to their families," Ackley said.

Bluetooth and hands-free devices are legal.

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