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Both sides make final push before historic recall election

LA CROSSE, Wis. -- As the election draws near, volunteers for both parties are making their last-ditch efforts to get voters to the polls.

It wasn't a typical Saturday for one first volunteer for the La Crosse County Democratic party, Vince Hatt.

"I'm usually riding a bike or running or watching sports events," said Hatt.

But on this sunny Saturday afternoon, he spent his time knocking on doors.

"This is my fist time doing this," said Hatt.

He's reminding people to head to the polls on Tuesday.

"I'm here to try and get the Democrats out to vote for Tom Barrett," said Hatt.

It's a goal volunteers at the La Crosse County Democratic Party headquarters are also working toward by making phone calls.

"We have a lot of canvassers and phone bankers who are calling voters who we feel would be favorable to Barret and Mitchell asking them to vote," said chair of the La Crosse County Democratic party Vicki Burke.


Over at the La Crosse County Republican headquarters, it's the same strategy but with a different message.

"Today we have some people going door to door throughout the county. We have some people making phone calls," said chair of the La Crosse County Republican Party Julian Bradley. "We just want to remind them to vote June 5 and to vote for Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch."

It's a cause for which Republican party volunteer James Smith is happy to sacrifice his afternoon.

"We make the phone calls so people know there is an election. We want to make sure every single person knows, so they make sure to go and vote. It's going to be a very close election, so it's so important," said Smith.

He hopes his Saturday on the phone will pay off on Election Day.

"Get out there and voice your opinion and hopefully support Scott Walker because he's done what's right," said Smith.

And while they don't agree on much, one thing stands true for both sides.

"We don't have a democracy if people don't vote. We need to get people involved," said Hatt.

"It's so important that you get out there and vote," said Smith.

In-person absentee voting ended Friday night.

If you want to vote you'll have to head to the polls on Tuesday.

The recalls for Governor and Lieutenant Governor are separate.

That means you have to pick a candidate in each race.

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