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Baby dumped in Mississippi; Case remains unsolved

The three-year-anniversary of the Baby Angel crime is Sept. 5

Baby dumped in Mississippi, case remains unsolved

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - Three years ago, a family boating on the Mississippi River near Winona made a tragic discovery when they came across the body of a newborn girl, wrapped in a bag, floating in the river.

The unidentified newborn became known as baby angel after investigators found angel figurines inside the bag with her body.

Years later and countless leads, the case still remains unsolved. Kraig Glover, the lead investigator with the Winona County Sheriff's departments is still determined to find more answers in a case he is deeply involved in.

"I was the first officer on scene with the boat patrol," said Glover.

After making the grizzly discover, the investigation determined the baby was not born in a hospital, because of the condition of the body. Investigators believe the baby was no more than a day old before she was placed in the bag.

Glover and other member of the Winona sheriff's Department focused on unique items they found with the baby; a T-shirt, angel figurines and distinct bags.

"The plastic bag that the baby was wrapped in, is something that you'd get from a motel," said Glover. "Another bag has ‘Manzanillo' embroidered on it, an area in Mexico, so that is significant for identifying the parents."

Despite the unique case and evidence, most of the time Glover comes up empty handed.

"I couldn't even count the number of people that we've spoken with, and investigated to hopefully locate someday or someone that knows," said Glover.

After eight months without a solid lead, the Winona County Sheriff's Department and other community members donated money to have ‘Baby Angel' buried in a nearby cemetery. Glover still visits her often.

"The department kind of adopted her as part of our own. It's what she deserves," said Glover.

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