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Babies move into Gundersen's new Legacy building

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - There was a buzz of excitement in the Neonatal Intesive Care Unit Sunday morning at Gundersen; ots of smiling faces on parents who were anxious to see what a new hospital room would bring.

It was a bit crowded in the NICU early Sunday morning. Nurses, parents and babies were ready to get to their new space. Newborns and their families were moved in groups to the Legacy building. 

Teams of nurses wheeled babies, with all their medical devices still attached, down the hallway to their new home with moms and dads close behind.

"Glad to be here, where it's quiet, and private and we have a window," said Tyler Giedd and Jennifer Giedd.

Their baby, Eva Giedd, was in the first group of newborns to settle into the new hospital. They said the new room and extra space is a welcome change.

"It'll just be easier to hang out with friends and family when they come and visit, rather than being in the small area that we were in before. And the privacy. I mean it got pretty full there for a while and you want to give other families their space but you want to be there with your baby, too," the Giedd's said.


In the second group to move were Teresa Azevedo, Brian Azevedo and their baby boy, Henry Azevedo. They're excited for the privacy that comes along with their new space.

"Being able to spend more time with Henry, and just being with him as opposed to having to walk down the hall and having lots of other people around. This is a really nice environment. Quieter," Brian Azevedo said.

Once the babies were moved everyone was ready to relax, enjoy their new private room and be with their family.

"I'm just excited to chill with my baby boy in here. I think it's going to be great.  I'll get to hold him more I think," Teresa Azevedo said.

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