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At Iowa prison, a lonely battle against sex movies

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - Administrators let offenders at one of Iowa's most dangerous prison units watch violent and sexually explicit movies and TV shows for years, despite repeated complaints from a female officer who said it encouraged inmates to sexually harass her.

Murderers, sexual predators and others at a unit for mentally ill inmates at the maximum-security state prison in Fort Madison watched movies such as "Deranged," a horror film that includes a scene in which a woman is beaten, raped, hung upside down and flayed.

Other sexually explicit and violent movies and shows were allowed despite correctional officer Kristine Sink's complaints. When she turned them off and complained, records show her superiors accused her of insubordination.

Sink filed a lawsuit Nov. 30 against prison officials alleging sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace retaliation.

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