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Assaults near Winona State puts campus security on alert

Three assaults occurred off campus last week

WINONA, Minn. (WKBT) - Police are investigating three separate assaults of women Aug. 22 near the Winona State campus. The assaults happened within hours of each other. Police say they don't believe they're related and they're still looking for suspects.

All three crimes happened off campus, but the head of Winona State's security is asking students who are on or off campus to be alert.

"When students are walking in the neighborhood, they should be with friends, especially at night, or use our escort service at night," say Don Walski, the head of the Winona State security. "We will go at any time and we will escort them to where they want to go."

Winona State University only had one incident of reported sexual assault on campus in 2013, but Walski urges students to not get too comfortable.

"I think everybody gets complacent after a while," says Walski. "They need to maintain the attitude that something can happen. Hopefully it never does, but sometimes it will."

The Winona State Campus has at least  ten security guards working each night, 12 security alert systems, and emergency phones placed throughout the campus.

"We've been fortunate with our administration here. I mean, I can't recall ever being denied money with regard to the safety of the students," says Walski.

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