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Artifacts from area archeology dig on display

Fieldwork by Norskadalen Heritage Site near Coon Valley

Artifacts from area archaeology dig on display

COON VALLEY, Wis. (WKBT) - The Mississippi Valley Archeology Center (MVAC) is doing fieldwork at the Norskadalen Heritage Site near Coon Valley.

Norskadalen pointed out that they've found artifacts more than a thousand years old on the surface, and MVAC was curious to find out what was below.

On Thursday, they showed off some items they've found and the process behind finding things like stone tools.

"This is not Indiana Jones, they're not going to find gold, they're going to dirty, we work really hard to make sure they get dirty. But they get a real archeology experience, they understand what it's all about," said Connie Arzigian, a senior research associate at MVAC.

MVAC has been doing these digs for about 30 years. They expect to check a few sites at Norskadalen over the next couple of years.

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