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Absentee ballots could swing 'yes' vote on Sparta beer sales

Sparta Referendum

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) - Sparta residents narrowly voted to approve beer sales in the city during Tuesday's election, but outstanding absentee ballots could swing the vote.

The numbers showed a five vote margin in favor. However, the city clerk says there are eight outstanding absentee ballots that could still be added to the vote totals.

As long as the absentee ballots were postmarked by Tuesday and arrive by Friday, they'll be tallied.

And with such a close vote, the clerk is expecting to do a recount. "From what I understand, a voter, any voter on a referendum can request a recount and I've already had indication that if it should not pass, then they want to do a recount," said Sparta City Clerk Julie Hanson.

The official canvass is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

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