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40-foot bell tower installed at La Crosse church

Tower final piece of English Lutheran Church's $3.4 million construction

Church Installs Bell Tower

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - A new 40-foot tall bell tower was installed at English Lutheran Church at 1509 King Street in La Crosse on Tuesday.

The tower, which has three large bells and three steel structural arms that support the bells, is the last piece of the church's $3.4 million construction and remodeling project that began in 2012.

The design of the tower has symbolic meaning to the church.

"The three steel arms remind us of the Trinity; English Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity is the formal name of our congregation," said English Lutheran Church Pastor Mark Solyst.  "And the arms are outstretched to the community with a warm embrace inviting all to come in."

The bells, which will be programmed, will ring on the hour throughout the day and for special services like weddings and funerals. The bells are a gift from English Lutheran Church member Joyce Swanson.

The bells will be dedicated on Sunday, September 14.

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