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3 La Crosse County homeowners receive $10K from state

Funds help replace failing private on-site waste septic systems

LA CROSSE COUNTY, WI - Three La Crosse County homeowners received $10,084 grants from the State of Wisconsin for replacement of their failing private on-site waste septic systems.

The funds came from the 2012-13 Wisconsin Fund Program. Its purpose is to protect groundwater and prevent human health hazards.

The homeowners awarded the money live in the townships of Farmington, Holland and Onalaska. To be eligible for the program, a homeowner must have had an existing septic system that failed and replaced it with a new system in compliance with state and local plumbing codes.

Since 1983, La Crosse County residents have received $584,084 from the Wisconsin Fund program. For more information about the program, contact the La Crosse County Health Department at (608) 785-9872.

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