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130-year-old feud continues at Oktoberfest

St. Paul Winter Carnival Vulcans, Royal Family entertain crowds

130-year-old feud continues at Oktoberfest

LA CROSSE, Wis. - There's no shortage of characters at Oktoberfest, but some do stand out more than others, such as the St. Paul Winter Carnival groups: the Vulcans and the Royal Family. Members say they're in a century-long feud.

"Vulcans represent heat and summer," said Jeff MacDonald, a Vulcan.

And on the other side, with the Royal Family, is winter.

"We fight back in the fall to bring winter back," said Leo Yurek, a member of the Royal Family.

And right in the middle, we can find both groups entertaining crowds at Oktoberfest.

"Oktoberfest is a must-see event and it's been amazing, simply amazing," MacDonald said.

Even in the fall, the feud continues.

"Always! The carnival is based on war between seasons, warm vs. cold," David Johnson, a Vulcan leader, said.

"This has been going on for 130 years," Yurek said.

But in between claiming allegiances with visitors, the groups are able to find some middle ground by making friends on Oktoberfest grounds.

"Giving out snowflakes, one person and one smile at a time -- I really enjoy doing it," Yurek said.

"Entertaining people, greeting them, speaking with them about Winter Carnival," Johnson said.

At the end of a long day, and 130 years of feuding aside, it's really all about having a good time."

"We have such a great camaraderie with Oktoberfest. We love it here," said member of the Royal Family, Shannon Cherub.

"It's all in good fun," MacDonald said.

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