University of Wisconsin-La Crosse students Joseph Drumm and Mary Burrow got engaged with Santa’s help December 18 at Valley View Mall. 

When twenty-two-year-old Mary sat on Santa’s knee, she asked for snow for Christmas. 

“The elves told me you wanted something different,” Santa told her. 

Mary then whispered to Santa she really wanted “an engagement ring.” Santa told her, “I just happen to have one right here.” That’s when her boyfriend Joe, 21, pulled out the ring in a crimson box and asked her to marry him. 

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“She was very excited and was speechless for a few seconds,” Joe said. “She then said, ‘Yes’ about ten times and hugged me. She was totally caught off guard by the proposal.” 

Joe had spoken to Santa before Mary sat on his knee and had some friends help him plan the engagement. 

“Everyone at the photo set was brought to tears, including Santa,” said Laurie Cafe, marketing director for Valley View Mall. “It was a perfect engagement.” 

The couple is planning for a Christmas wedding in two years.