Local farmer in hospital gets helping hand with harvest

Local farmer in hospital gets helping...

HOUSTON, Minn. (WKBT) - Farmers across the area are in the middle of a busy time of year as they harvest their crops before the start of winter, but one area farmer can't get out to the fields after a recent accident.

Steve Vangundy of Houston severely hurt his arm after getting caught in a combine and is still in the hospital.

With just his elderly mother still at the farm and no one able to take care of the crops, Steve's friends and neighbors took time out of their own busy harvest schedules Thursday to harvest his crops for him.

 "It's just unbelievable, amazing, awesome. I mean... We're very thankful.To come from such a small community, where people are willing to do this, is just... words can't even say it," said Steve's sisters Shelly Johnson and Dino Orr.

A total of five combines were out in Steve's fields Thursday,. harvesting an estimated 60 acres of soy beans and 70 to 80 acres of corn.

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