A California family is at its wits end over a live-in nanny who won't leave after being fired.

Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte hired Diane Stretton, 64, in March to help care for their three children and do work around their Upland home.

In exchange, she received room and board.

"All of a sudden she stopped working, she would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready," Marcella Bracamonte told ABC News.

Stretton then told the family she had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and couldn't help around the house.

After weeks of encouraging Stretton to perform some of her duties, the couple approached her with a 30-day notice earlier this month, which Stretton refused to sign.

"When I asked her why she wouldn’t sign the letter she said ‘It’s not legal,’ and slammed the door in my face," Bracamonte told ABC. "Once she said the word legal, I knew it wasn’t going to be fun."

Police said it's a civil matter, saying once someone has "established residency you have to go through the formal eviction process."

The family is now waiting for Stretton to respond to a legal notice.

Stretton, meanwhile, has threatened to sue for wrongful firing and elder abuse.