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Bible, religion, cross

Pam Roth/SXC

White working-class evangelicals: Christian values are under attack

Most white working-class voters who are evangelical Christians -- like most white evangelicals -- would consider voting for Donald Trump. But it's not because…

Don King Donald Trump

POOL via CNN Newsource

Don King: Trump offers way out of 'racist, sexist' system

Don King believes Donald Trump is the only candidate who can fix a "corrupt, rigged, sexist and racist" system -- employing several terms the GOP nominee's…

Trump Cruz

Adam Rose/CNN

Cruz uneasily debuts as Trump surrogate

Ted Cruz offered his first extensive defense of his endorsement of Donald Trump here Saturday, declining to disavow his searing criticisms of Trump's…

Gennifer Flowers

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers to debate

Donald Trump threatened Saturday to bring Gennifer Flowers, with whom Bill Clinton admitted to having a sexual relationship decades ago, to Monday's…

The New York Times

Mario Tama/Getty Images

NYT editorial board endorses Clinton

The New York Times' editorial board on Saturday endorsed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for president calling comparing her to rival Donald Trump "an empty…

Obama at new museum


Obama: African-American museum helps tell fuller story of America

President Barack Obama said Saturday that the new Smithsonian museum devoted to African-American history elevates the often-overlooked impact of black…

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton

Scott Olsen, John Sommers II/Getty Images

Why the debate expectations game is a farce

Republicans are praising Hillary Clinton as the most skilled and experienced politician ever to stand behind a podium. Democrats note Donald Trump, a former…

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Trump and Carson at debate

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GOP candidates clash in Colorado

Senate debate CNBC

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GOP presidential debate takeaways