Last-minute shoppers are filling stores all over La Crosse. 

Valley View Mall says these are some of their busiest day of the year. 

They have shoppers that waited until the last minute, others that are finishing their last few items, and some people just like the holiday atmosphere. But whatever the reason, shoppers are seeing one big benefit to waiting till the last minute. 

"Taking advantage of those great sales now that we're down to the last minute before the holiday, you're seeing 60% off, 70% off, buy one get one, something like that, so it's really a good time of year to actually shop,” said Laurie Cafe of Valley View Mall. 

To help you save time, the mall has gift wrapping stations being manned by volunteers. West Salem High School senior Skylar Cullen was in a gift wrapping marathon cutting and taping from 9 a.m. Monday until 10 p.m. The money raised will benefit the American Red Cross and military families. The wrapping is part of a school project to give back to the community.