La Crosse putting finishing touches on gateless parking ramp system

Parking ramp pay system changes

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - The way you pay for parking in La Crosse will be changing soon.

The city installed new pay stations in all of its ramps last week. They're still working on programming the software, but once it's done, there will no longer be gates guarding the entrance and exits of the ramps.

Instead, city officials say you'll be asked to enter your license plate number at the pay station as you walk out, along with how long you're expecting to keep your car parked there.

The software will then work with new license plate readers being installed on enforcement cars which will patrol the ramps.

"The pay station communicates with that enforcement vehicle to tell it you're okay to be here, so if it picks up a license plate and the communication between the pay station and the enforcement vehicle says no, your time's up, then the enforcement vehicle know to write you a citation," said Parking Utility coordinator Jim Flottmeyer.

There will also be an option to pay for extra parking time through the use of a phone app. Users using that method would also get a message alerting them when their time is almost up.

Flottmeyer says they hope to have the new system up and running in June. Once it's ready, they'll remove the gates and add new signs telling people how the new system works.

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