The La Crosse Police Department is making sure businesses that sell alcohol aren't serving underage drinkers.

The department is starting alcohol compliance checks for the more than 170 establishments that have Class A and B licenses.

The department has two underage volunteers that will go into an establishment and order alcohol. If they are served, the person who served them the alcohol will be cited and police will follow up in the future.

The department will also let businesses know if they pass the compliance check.

Police have already sent letters to all of the establishments letting them know this is going on. "The goal of the police department is to educate them to make sure that they are doing everything that they're supposed to be doing, not just this time of year, but all year round that they are making sure that their bartenders are licensed, and that they're properly trained and that they're not serving underage people," said Lt. Patrick Hogan.

The compliance checks will start in the next couple of weeks and could run through the fall.