La Crosse's Police Chief joined Mayor Tim Kabat Thursday evening for the mayor's second "Coffee with Kabat" event.

It was held at the South Side Neighborhood Center.

The open forum covered a number of topics, but the first question addressed the hot topic in the city.

Early this week, the La Crosse Police Department essentially called out the county courts for being too lenient with criminals.

Twice this month, police arrested a man and then arrested him again within three days for the same crime.

La Crosse Police Chief Ron Tischer says it's a conversation that needs to happen. "Whether it's perception or reality, I think everybody thinks we have a problem here in the city, so not only the city, but the whole area on 'we're not tough enough on criminals.' From the Police Department standpoint, we're not going to let this die," said Chief Tischer.

The chief says everyone from residents to business owners to elected officials needs to have a voice in the discussion.