A task force working to curb heroin use in La Crosse County gets some good news.

For the past six months, the Heroin Task Force has been laying out a plan to stop heroin use in our area. The task force has now broken up into sub-committees.

Thursday's meeting focused on treatment for heroin users and stopping narcotic overdoses.

So far this year, task force leaders say there have been no heroin-related deaths in La Crosse County. "Zero deaths doesn't mean that there's been a reduction in using heroin in the community and that's one of the tough numbers we're trying to get a hold of," said Al Bliss.

"Our number of times that we've used Narcan is about on par from last year, it is down slightly through the end of April compared to that same time frame last year," said Tom Tornstrom from Tri-State Ambulance and task force member.

Narcan is a drug given to heroin overdose patients that reverses the effects.

Despite the numbers, the committee still believes there's work to be done.