The city of La Crosse has one of the lowest  unemployment rates in the state.

Of the metro areas in Wisconsin, La Crosse ranks second lowest behind only Madison.

La Crosse is currently at 5.6%. That number is down point 4 percent from a year ago.

Analysts say this decrease is because of summer. During the summer, the number of jobs available usually decreases.

This summer, however, there has been an increase because of recreational and hospitality jobs. "It's a good sign because even though some of those jobs are part time or short term, its still a sign that people are starting to spend a little more of their recreational dollars instead of having to save them, its a large sign instead of just the seasonal uptick that's coming," said Regional Labor Market Analyst Bill Brockmiller.

The unemployment rate in La Crosse Co. is currently is at 6%.

Wisconsin sits at 6.8% which is below the national average of 7.6%.