La Crosse firefighters had to deal with the cold temps as they battled a house fire Monday afternoon.

The call came in about 12:30 at a home on the corner of Market St. and West Ave.

A tenant in the home smelled smoke and called 911.

When firefighters arrived on scene, they saw smoke and flames coming from an outer wall.

They used chain saws and axes to get into the wall and pour water on the fire.

Even though they had to cut into a wall, they put out the fire fairly quickly.

"At 12:36 we received the call and at 1:01 we struck the fire out where we totally had it contained and we were sure that it wasn't spread any further so within 20, 25 minutes we had a good handle on it," said La Crosse Fire Dept. Division Chief Mark Amann.

No one was injured and the damage was limited to the outside of the home

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation