Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's latest budget rejects billions of dollars in federal money to be used to expand the state's Medicaid program, known as BadgerCare.  But twenty counties in the state want access to that money, and are asking the state to help them get it.

LaCrosse County is one of the 20 which sent a letter to the state health secretary this week.

They're asking for the option to negotiate directly with the federal government for low-income health care dollars.

The state work work as a pipeline to funnel that money from the federal government, and to the individual counties.

Governor Walker says his budget includes a better plan for low-income people in Wisconsin.  He says he rejected the federal money because he's concerned the government won't be able to meet its $12 billion over 10 year promise.

"That would leave the state and county taxpayers short as well," says Governor Walker.  "Our plan reduces the number of uninsured, reduces the number of people on Medicaid, and makes sure everyone living in poverty is covered by Medicaid and I think that's a good plan for the people of the state."

The Governor's plan will allow thousands of people to get onto BadgerCare, but push thousands of others off the program and into private insurance under new federal health care exchanges created under the Affordable Care Act.