La Crosse County is one of the best in the nation when it comes to healthy kids.

The first report from U.S. News ranked the county 28 out of more than 1200 counties across the nation.

The report factors in things like infant death rates, teen pregnancies, people living in poverty, adult obesity and air quality.

One it scored low in may surprise you.

"Our air quality in some of these studies has shown we're not as good as we think we are, and part of that is due to the geography and the bluffs and the pollutants just get trapped in our area, so sometimes the air quality is not so good," said Brenda Rooney, an epidemiologist with Gundersen Health System.

County health officials are taking this as a positive sign as they work toward becoming the healthiest county in the state by 2015.

To improve the numbers, they say parents need to role model healthy behavior for their kids.

"Healthy children will grow up to be healthy adults, healthy adults are healthy employees which make the jobs in the community vibrant and profitable, which makes the economy stronger," said La Crosse County Health Department Planning Coordinator Lindsay Menard.

Officials said simple things like eating better and getting outside with your kids will encourage a healthy lifestyle.