The La Crosse County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Sabiye and his handler Deputy Brandon Stoughtenger competed in and passed an IPO3 trial.

The department says 5-year-old Sabiye is now the only German Boxer to be a full-time police canine and have the elite IPO3 title in the world.

The IPO3 consists of three phases: tracking, obedience and protection. The department says the trial tests the dog’s courage, intelligence, trainability, bond with the handler, perseverance, protective instinct and desire to work.  The IPO3 trial was hosted by the Great River Working Dog Association and Bachbett Kennels in Mindoro.

K-9 Sabiye and Deputy Stoughtenger have training for the trial since Sabiye was a puppy, but within the last two years, they concentrated on perfecting their skills. They worked with training partner and breeder George Markos three-to-six times a week to prepare for the trial.

The sheriff’s department says Sabiye was the only dog to earn an IPO3, scoring 96 out of 100 in the protection phase. Austrian judge Bruno Kastelic-Sakoparnig rated Sabiye the highest level for working temperament, calling him “pronounced.” That means he’s very dominant, dynamic and possesses an excellent work temperament.