La Crosse's city council approves thousands of dollars to pay off legal bills for an investigation into employee misconduct.

Former City Attorney Pete Kisken and Community Development Administrator Liana Escott were put on administrative leave in May of last year.

After staying quiet about the investigation for nearly a year, the city eventually let Kisken go in April of this year, saying he engaged in a personal and sexual relationship at work while using city resources.

Escott resigned in January.

The investigation into the incidents will cost the city about $80,000.

The mayor says because Kisken was in the legal department, they had to hire a third party to handle the investigation. "The investigations happened, we knew that that number was going to be fairly significant, and we knew it was coming, so again, it's more of a situation that we're trying to change the culture in city hall," said Mayor Tim Kabat.

While on administrative leave, the city paid the two employees more than $100,000 combined.