There is money set aside in the budget to help make the transition seamless.

Dissolving the program should take about six months.

The program employs 10 part-time people. The county will also work with them to help them find new placements.


The La Crosse County Board has passed the budget 25-to-1 Wednesday morning.

La Crosse County Board Supervisor Andrew Londre tweeted after the vote, stating, "La Crosse County continues to have one of the lowest tax rates in the state while providing quality services to our residents."

Home health care services in La Crosse County will be phased out in January 2014. There are 10 people who work part time for the program. County Board Chair Tara Johnson says the program has been losing money for years.  In 2014, the county will work with the clients' alternative services.

The last time the  county considered cutting the program was 2007. At the time, this type of program was only available through the county. Right now there are about five other companies in the community that provide similar services.


Balancing a budget might come at the cost of home health care services in La Crosse County.

The County Board started finalizing numbers for its budget Tuesday night. The process is expected to wrap up Wednesday.

County Administrator Steve O'Malley put the budget together based on committee recommendations. He put it in front of the board Tuesday night.

County Board Chairperson Tara Johnson says there's one major change from last year, and that cuts county home health care services. It was proposed as a way to hold the line on taxes.

A La Crosse mother who's son was born with cerebral palsy gave an impassioned speech asking for board members to change their minds. "It is him (references her son) and me and these ladies who come into my house and it takes usually 2-3 years before you can even trust somebody with your child like Luke. Just the feeling that I'm going to lose them puts me into a state of anxiety," said Andrea Reising.

The County Board will be faced with the difficult decision Wednesday morning. "This push to keep local tax dollars as low as possible up against the demand for services," said County Board Chair Tara Johnson.

The chair expects the budget to be finalized before midday Wednesday.