Workers across the country are taking the day off today to celebrate each others' hard work.

In La Crosse, hundreds of people gathered at the annual Labor Day Parade and lined the streets to enjoy their time off.

Labor Day is celebrated in many different ways, but in La Crosse, an old tradition is still the same 125 years later.

"It's the last celebration of summer and before everybody gets back to work and jobs and vacations are over so it's a good time to get together," said Janean Lang, a parade goer.

La crosse's 125th annual Labor Day Parade gives area workers and organizations a chance to represent the work they do, without having to do the work.

"It's an important day to remember what past gains have been made sometimes we forget that the 40 hour work week, or a paid holiday like today, only exists because of the labor movement," said Bill Brockmiller, president of the Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

After the parade, the event continues at Copeland Park, where those who aren't on the clock, are relaxing on benches with friends and family.

"You know your first family is your blood family, but then those you work with, unions or not, that becomes a family of its own too," said Brockmiller.

Though many people in the area attend the celebration every year, for others, it's an unexpected surprise. An ordinary Monday off, turns into a special day.

"Hope they surprise me I've never seen anything like this before," said Stephen Larson, a parade goer.