A trip to ancient Bethlehem is just a short car ride away this weekend.

English Lutheran Church in La Crosse is once again re-creating the experience of being in the city where Jesus was born two-thousand years ago. They do it about once every four years.

It takes hundreds of volunteers, thousands of hours to create the sets, costumes, sights, and even smells guests will experience. There will also be at least 100 people in costume.

Not surprisingly, the pastor says the best experience is the finale. "Then you get to the end where you go to the manger, and it's quiet in there and it's still, and the little baby is there. And it's just a powerful experience," said Pastor Mark Solyst.

"Bethlehem" is open Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

They say it will take about an hour to get through the village and there may be a wait time.

The event is free.