A program that helps people get back in the job market is getting some financial help.

The Neighborhood City Church received an $18,000 grant from the La Crosse Community Foundation.

The money will support the "Jobs For Life" program which helps people who are struggling to find work for any number of reasons, things like a criminal history or drug problems.

It teaches people things like interview skills, how to make a resume and how to navigate online applications.

It's a relatively new program, but has already had great success. "We've seen miracles, we've had graduates in the program that haven't worked in years because of incarceration and different reasons and then we actually seen people getting work and leading productive lives and staying out of jails and prisons and staying clean and sober," said the Director of the "Jobs for Life" program Joe Bowers.

The $18,000 will act as start up funding and will help the program get going.