The homicide trial for the man stabbed to death in a Kwik Trip on Cass Street in La Crosse in June 2013 has been delayed.

Mitrel Anderson, 26, is charged with first degree intentional homicide in the death of 23-year-old Demario Lee.

At a hearing Thursday, La Crosse County Judge Elliot Levine pushed Anderson's trial from next week until December. He said there are too many unresolved details on pieces of evidence, and questions about witnesses and the people involved.

Both the defense and prosecution worry about the delay, as Anderson has been in jail for a year now. However, the Defense sees this as necessary for a fair trial.

"If we don't delay this, and we don't address the admissibility of this evidence, Mr. Anderson will be prejudiced, because the jury won't have a full and fair understanding of what exactly what went on in that restroom,” said Defense Attorney Chris Zachar.

"There will be harm to the defendant if this case is not tried next week,” said Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General David Maas.

Even with the delay, the two sides will continue hearings next week to sort out the evidence.