Huh said one thing the defense didn't dispute is that Lepsch had the stolen property. But he is not a murderer, Huh told the jury.

Lepsch's DNA was not found on the safe at May's Photo, or on Paul or A.J. Petras. Huh said there should have been excessive amounts of sweat and DNA if Lepsch was wearing a sweatshirt on a hot day. Lepsch's van did not have any DNA from Paul or A.J., nor guns or phones.

"I find it hard to believe that the person who did do these murders would be able to keep that from seeping out," Huh said.

Huh emphasized that Lepsch is a family man and a convicted thief, but he's never shown any propensity for violence.

"While Lepsch is guilty of being in possession of stolen property, he did not kill anyone," Huh said.