Jon Olson

1. Why do you want to be mayor?

The mayor needs to be a good leader, I want to be the positive leader that will move La Crosse forward

2. What experience do you have that makes you qualified to be mayor?

My experience as a builder and business man, my service on the city council and my involvement in the community having given me the skills needed to lead the city of La Crosse


3. What will be your top three priorities for the City of La Crosse if you're elected mayor?

Neigborhood revitalization -decrease crime -no tax or fee increases

4. What are your long-term goals for the City of La Crosse?

New business and residential development

5. The current mayor and the City Council have had disagreements about several city issues lately. If elected mayor, what will you do to work with the City Council?

I see the role of mayor like the conductor of an orchestra, bringing out the best of everyone for a common goal. My past experience as a city council member would show that I made reasoned debate and was respectful to everyone

6. How will you balance the city budget?

Through efficiency and tax base growth

7. Are you in favor of raising property taxes?


8. How long have you lived in La Crosse?

33 years

9. What do you like most and least about living in La Crosse?

I like the convenience of being close to church, schools, business and entertainment

10. Tell us about your family.

Married to Jane for 29 years two daughters one son  and one beautiful grand daughter

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