Karley Hujet, a fingerprint and footwear examiner at the Wisconsin State Crime Lab was the next person to take the stand.

Hujet examined several pieces of glass from May’s Photo, including glass from display case and a from shelf from display case. Hujet was able to pull multiple prints on some items. She did not identify Lepsch's prints on any items in her first report.

Hujet said in her first report she had inconclusive results and needed better standard prints to compare to. She needed palm prints because there were a lot of unknown prints on glass. Hujet said there were about 105 unknown fingerprints developed in this case, which was more prints than normal for a case. Hujet was given Lepsch’s palm prints and compared them to what she found on the glass from May’s Photo.

Hujet presented her findings on January 24, 2013. She was able to identify the left palm of Lepsch on a glass counter top from glass display case, on the customer side on the top of the glass. During a past interview with authorities shown in court on Thursday, Lepsch told law enforcement he had never been to May's Photo.

Hujet read the disclaimer from her report, which noted finger and palm prints found at the crime scene does not show significance or time of contact.

Matthew Olesen, a computer forensic expert with the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), took the stand earlier in the day. He testified that he reviewed Lepsch's computer.

Olesen said Lepsch had Internet search history of Craigslist and Amazon.com. Olesen took screen shots of Lepsch's Internet history, but that didn't tell him the date or content of sites he visited. Olesen said he did not find searches for guns or ammunition. According to the analysis, Lepsch did not look for Petras, nor search May's Photo.

The court took a break at about 11: 50 a.m. The defense will begin their cross examination of Hujet when court reconvenes at 1 p.m.

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