Rock County officials said bone fragments found in a burn pit at an Evansville residence have been determined to be female human remains.

As a result of the two-day investigation, Rock County sheriff's deputies have seized numerous other items on the property, according to a release.

Further forensic analysis is necessary to determine the identity of the deceased found on the property, deputies said.

Authorities said the death investigation at a residence in Evansville could be linked to a woman who went missing in Dane County earlier in the week, as police say a body found at a residence off Highway 14 in Evansville may be Aprina Paul.

Fitchburg police said 18-year-old Aprina Paul was last seen Sunday, Oct. 27, at around 10 p.m.

Paul’s family describes Aprina as a kind-hearted person who had for the last several months been working as an after-school teacher at Leopold Elementary in Madison.

Deputies say 29-year-old Nathan Middleton, who lives in the house with his fiancee and young child, has been interviewed and is currently being held at the Rock County Jail on a probation violation.

Authorities spent most of Saturday sifting through Middleton’s back yard, home and garage. One of Middleton's neighbors said she didn't see anything suspicious and describes Middleton as a nice guy.

"I don't know much about him," said Stacy Wagner. "He moved in about two weeks ago and rents the property from my father."

"The only thing we’ve seen going on down there is him cleaning up his yard and burning brush," Wagner said. "And it seemed like a big project. He was burning and burning and burning for several hours day and night for the last five days."

Fitchburg police said Paul left a home on King James Way with an unknown male.

That was the last time she was seen.

Sheriff Robert Spoden, of the Rock County Sheriff's Office, said he notified Dane County authorities that their search would be expanding along Toles Road and Highway 138 for evidence that may have been discarded.

Since authorities haven't confirmed that Paul’s body was the one found, her family remains optimistic and maintains hope that she will come home.