The spirit of La Crosse will be captured in an image created by an internationally known artist.

John Pugh is in La Crosse this week immersing himself in our culture.

Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts, he'll create a bigger than life mural that will appear to be three dimensional. The piece of art will show what it means to live in La Crosse.

Within hours of being in the city, he already had a picture of our community in his head. "It's very friendly here and very open and there is a deep sense of pride with this community and connection in this community, a lot more than I would probably experience if I went back to the San Francisco Bay area," said Pugh.

The location of the mural will be decided in November or December. Work on the image will likely get going in January. "It's not like a mural like we think of with people all holding hands or a neighborhood picture, historical picture, it's a form of art that may be more simplistic, yet still has to capture the sense of our community," said La Crosse Arts Board Chair Donald Smith.

Pugh will meet with the public three times this week. He will also be stopping by a number of meetings for different organizations while he's in town.