The Hunger Task Force is back at the La Crosse Library this summer making sure fresh produce does not go to waste.

Every Monday, you can find the organization outside the La Crosse Public Library distributing produce from the Kane Street Community Garden and local farmer's markets.

The soggy weather delayed the start of the program by about a month.

This will be the second year they're outside the library every week and the Hunger Task Force's executive director says they see as many as 150 people every week. "It's just a good way to get healthy foods into people's diets. You know, we're so close to the college, we've had college students kind of walk by and they're like 'oh, I've always wanted to cook with that or to try it,' and this is a good opportunity for people to do that," said Shelley Krause.

The produce is available from three to five every Monday afternoon this summer.