Holmen school district to heighten security measures

Holmen school district to heighten...

HOLMEN, Wis. (WKBT) - The School District of Holmen is planning for some major upgrades starting this summer.

It's all in an effort to make school safer for students and staff.

After a referendum passed in April, the district received $3 million to use towards updates that would heighten security in the buildings.

Voter support of Holmen's elementary, middle and high school safety is allowing the district to upgrade all of its surveillance cameras, controlled entrances and door locking systems.

Security cameras in the building aren't new and have been there for quite some time, but the newer cameras will allow for better visibility.

"Updating the cameras will do two main parts, one is the pixels have definitely improved overtime and the technology of that and then also the number of cameras and the locations," said District Superintendent Kris Mueller.

Along with newer cameras, the district is working on two-stage entrances for the schools.

"This means the doors will be able to lock and unlock automatically on a schedule, it means that they will be able to allow staff and building users in with a key fob or a card and it means that they will log who is going through those entrances," said Director of Information and Technology Services Greg Krueger

Door sensors will also be added to know right away if doors are being propped open.

"Presently if someone goes and puts a pencil in a door frame, that door could sit open until a staff member realizes it unless it happened to be covered by one of the few cameras that we currently have."

The sensors will essentially alert someone in the office if the doors aren't latched properly.

Krueger says the new safety measures will allow both principals and law enforcement officers to better assess student discipline.

"To identify people when they need to, so we've really kind of put together a comprehensive plan to move this project forward with installation of cameras strategically."

The security upgrades will be taking place in all of the buildings in the next two years.

Unrelated to security, the district is also building a data connection between the middle school and high school to allow both schools to have high internet speed and better connection.


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