Holiday Travel: What to know

Holiday Travel: What to know

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) - It is said there are two seasons in Wisconsin: Construction and winter.

And when the lanes are finally clear of orange cones, white snow seems to take their place--making for a slippery holiday travel season

"Sitting here even listening to the radio once it starts to snow you start hearing it pick up, just the other day when we had that five or six inches, I was sitting here during the day and I can't tell you how many cars ended up in the ditch," said  Chief Drew Gavrilos, with the Campbell Police Department.

But weather is nothing new to Wisconsinites, yet officers say for those who travel by car, there seems to be a trend of forgetting how to drive safely. But there are important reminders:

"I think being consiousness and being a little more careful, slowing down a little bit, wearing your seatbelt," Gavrilos said.

And some may think they're in the clear by having a truck and four-wheel drive, but during icy roads officers say all cars have a chance of slipping.

Traveling by plane seems like an easy fix to the problem, but even the sky has limits.

"Well if you're flying through La Crosse, we recommend an hour before is usual plenty of time, obviously if you're traveling from an area a little further away, give yourself some extrra time in case you're having car troubles," said Clinton Torp, director with the La Crosse Airport.

He also said there are tips to speeding up security lines.

"Wrap your presents after your trip, just in case TSA has to get into your package, you don't want to have to re-wrap that again after you did a good job the first time."

More than 100-million people will travel between Friday and January second according to AAA.

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