It's not Black Friday, but Valley View Mall was pretty busy Thursday. Shoppers were making exchanges, returns and taking a look at the after-Christmas deals.

"It's not as crazy and hectic as Black Friday, but it definitely gets busy as the day goes on," Valley View Mall Marketing Director Laurie Cafe said.

We all know that the days leading up to Christmas are chaotic, but the days after Christmas are just as busy.

Cafe says, "You see a lot of fixing of gifts, or should we say 'Santa errors.' Getting those items, the right size, the right color, or maybe exchanging for another item somebody wanted instead of the one they received."

People going to the mall and making those corrections bring in bigger crowds than normal, which store managers say is good for business. It's also why we see lots of after-Christmas sales.

Tradehome General Manager Merle Bries says, "This next week, week and a half is still a very important time for the mall and for us retailers for added foot traffic because of people having vacations or are off work."

"Through the weekend now stores are starting with their clearance sales and the great deals you got prior to the holiday are even better now," Cafe says.

Stores are using these deals and the large post Christmas crowds to make changes to their inventory.

"We liquidate a lot of our fall winter merchandise and now were getting ready for the exciting spring stuff to start to come in here probably in a month and a half." Bries says, "So we really want to make sure we liquidate down the stuff that is more geared towards the fall and winter. And this is a great time of year for those customers to come out and get those types of items."

With the added traffic this time of year Cafe recommends slowing down and have a plan of attack when you get to the mall. She says know where you need to go for your returns and exchanges, and what stores you want to visit while you're there.