It's a big anniversary for one neighborhood party in La Crosse.

The Hoeschler Drive Block party reached its 50th anniversary Sunday.

Neighbors have set aside time one day each year since 1963 for the party to get together and share a meal and catch up on what's happened in their lives.

Organizers say they rotate who hosts it on the block each year.

And while it's a good way to maintain community on their block they say it's also a way to welcome in new neighbors.

"As neighborhoods transform and people move in and out it's just really nice to make new people fell welcome and we thought it was a great way when we first moved in we felt very welcome by the long term neighbors and we want to do the same for the new neighbors who move in,” said block party organizer Deb Mirasola.

The woman who first organized the block party was also at the celebration today.

She said she's shocked to see how long the tradition has lasted.