Habitat for Humanity is lending a helping hand to a local community member.

The organization is teaming up with Thrivent Financial to make improvements on a home in Onalaska.

Volunteers are fixing up the exterior of the house on Saturday by patching up the siding, repainting and hopefully putting in some new windows.

Organizers say they'll fix up about five to six homes this year, in addition to building three brand new homes.

They say it's an important way to provide some extra encouragement.

"It gives people a sense of caring. It gives people the sense they are not all alone in their circumstance, trying to come up with the finances, the difficulty that comes especially when you're older and don't have as much money to do those things," said project coordinator Gale Lifka.

Volunteers will be out at the house next Saturday as well to finish up the repairs.

If you are interested in volunteering with Habitat for Humanity you can contact the main office at 608-785-2373.