Gundersen Health System is taking its work over seas.

The clinic is sending a group of medical professionals and volunteers to Nicaragua as part of Global Initiative Week.

A team of about 20 will give infant resuscitation training to community health workers in the region.

The goal is to create a global partnership through community health.

The money for the trip comes from the volunteer's own pocket.

The trip is short so the group plans to get to work right away.

"The trip is scheduled very, very well in terms of hit the ground running and so there isn't time wasted, because you are only down there five days to get work done," said Gundersen Global Partners Director Liz Arnold.

Returning to the trip for a second time, Gundersen Health System Nurse Noreen Rem says it's the friendships that she forms with people that makes the trip so special.

"I think we are doing great work. We are forming friendships and bonds. And the region we are going (to), Meteagualple they are allowing us to come back, which is really heart warming for us," said Rem.

Since 2010 Gundersen Health System has made 15 health-training trips to Nicaragua.